Cleaning Out the “Stuff”


Cleaning out all of the "stuff" you've collected and no longer need is definitely a chore, but one that is well worth the time.  Your potential home buyers will be better able to visualize their furnishings instead of your things.  And…. you'll have to clean it all out at some point anyway so why wait?  

Buyers…..  why move it if you don't need it?

So what do you do with it?

Craigs List:  A great way to market some of things that others may be willing to purchase, or at the least, take off your hands for free.  You will need to post the items on the list, including pictures are a good idea, and be available to connect with potential buyers.  I suggest "cash only" sales. Be aware of potential scams, read the warnings on the site.  

Yard Sales – provide some extra spending money, but require preparation, advertising and the time on the day of the sale.

Dontate:  Many organizations will be glad to receive your items, if they are in good shape. 

In our area you may call Salvation Army for a pick up:  781-231-0803.

Ruth's House in Haverhill, MA gladly accepts items to offer to those in need.  Check out their web site for hours and details.

Note:  some items are not usually accepted by others such as matrices and box springs.  Check to see what your favorite organization can take as not all groups have the facilities to accept some electronics and funiture.