Emergency Supply Kits


Important to Have Handy:
Medicine Supply
Insurance Cards
Bank Information, Cards, Check Books
Personal Care Basics
Personal Profile: medical history, list of medicines & allergies, contact numbers, Insurance Info, Primary Care Physician name

Basic Kit to Keep on Hand:
Bottles of Drinking Water
Food:  Canned or Freeze Dried
Moist Towelettes
Garbage Bags
Radio – powered by batteries
Batteries – extra, various sizes

Hot Weather Extras:
Extra Water
Extra Ice in Freezer
Have a cooler handy

Cold Weather Extras:
Warm Blankets
Heavy, warm clothing
Wood for the Fireplace (have fireplace maintained)

Have a plan how to care for them if you need to go to a shelter that will not allow them to accompany you. Have extra food, water and medicine on hand for them.  Keep a list of their medical history, current medicine and veterinary contacts.



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