Winter Home Safety


Annual maintanence is reccomended.  Have a qualified serviceman clean and check your heating equipment.

Be sure to keep the area around the furnace clear and clean.

Fireplaces & Woodstoves & Propaine Stoves:

Before each season your chimney should be cleaned by a Chimney Sweep.  
Burn only well seasoned hard wood, avoiding the softer woods like pine, spruce or woods that are green and moist. 

Make sure that the outside vents are not blocked. 

Check with your propaine, or gas provided regarding the service requirements of your systems. 

Move all objects away from your heat sources to other areas of your home.  
Protect small children from accidentally getting burned by installing a railing or inside fence.

Portable Space Heaters:

Never leave them unattended.
Pleace them away from other objects.
Be sure the room is well ventilated. 
All units should have a safety feature that will shut them off automatically if they are tipped.
Do not have explosive products in the same area with these units.
If they are electric, be sure not to overload the circuit.

Other Winter Equipment:

Electric Blankets- Do not fold or roll the blanket when in use.
Vaporizers – Do not let them run dry.
Check cords and plugs for all this extra equipment to be sure they are not too hot.

Smoke & CO2 Detectors:

All homes should have a smoke detector on every level, especially outside bedrooms.
Be sure to check the batteries if they are not hardwired, minimunly twice a year when you change the clocks in the fall and spring.

Have an Escape Plan:

Know where your family and housemates will meet if an emergence arrises.
Each room should have 2 ways to exit.
If a fire is suspected get out of the building then call the fire department.  The emergency number is usually 911.  Be sure everyone knows what number to call if needed.





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